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Flashes of light can be a sign of a dangerous eye condition

BY JILL U. ADAMS THE WASHINGTON POST | WIRE SERVICE Have you ever had black specks floating around in your vision? Patrick Muffler noticed some one day. "I saw funny V-shaped floaters in my eye," he says. When he woke up the next day, a Friday, they were still there. "I started getting more — black dots, maybe 40 of them." Over the weekend, Muffler, a retired geologist in Palo Alto, Calif....
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Hate Using Eye Drops After Surgery?

Enjoy the Convenience of no drops after surgery No high cost of post-op eye medication The medication keeps working  post-op so you don't have to worry about remembering your eye drops Conveniently and properly administered during your procedure by your surgeon so no more confusion with the frequency of drops Cataract Surgery just became easier During dropless cataract surgery, a...
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What You Need to Know About Recycling Your Old Eyeglasses

The World Health Organization estimates that corrective lenses can improve the eyesight of one-fourth of the world's population. Unfortunately, for many people a pair of glasses is both unaffordable and unobtainable. The donation of old but useful eyeglasses to the needy in the US and abroad can help solve this problem. The Lions International and local Lions Clubs conduct eyeglass-recycling pr...
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What You Should Know About Legal Blindness

Normal vision, or 20/20, means a person sees the smallest letters or pictures on an eye chart when standing 20 feet away from the chart. Some people cannot see normally, even with glasses or contacts, because a medical condition affects their vision. These people are called visually impaired or visually handicapped. If a visual handicap limits vision to 20/200, or one-tenth of normal, a person ...
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What Parents Should Know About Infants and Babies and Their Vision

BABIES' VISION Babies have poor vision at birth but can see faces at close range, even in the newborn nursery. At about six weeks a baby's eyes should follow objects and by four months should work together. Over the first year or two, vision develops rapidly. A two-year-old usually sees around 20/30, nearly the same as an adult. Parents should be aware of signals of poor vision. If one eye t...
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Carabin Eye Care Overview

Carabin Eyecare provides only the finest in comprehensive eye care for adults and children. From routine eye exams to customized contact lens fitting, Dr. Carabin and his staff specialize in caring for your most precious and delicate sense, your sense of sight. At Carabin Eyecare your clarity is us caring. Call 201.692.1800 and schedule your appointment today!
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Carabin Eye Care Treatments

Carabin Eye Care features the latest in technological advances to help treat the damaging and traumatic effects of eye disease, using state of the art laser and microsurgical techniques for glaucoma and cataracts. You can trust your visual needs to Carabin Eye Care, because all of our services are presented with gentle care. At Carabin Eyecare your clarity is us caring. Call 201.692.1800 and sched...
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Carabin Eye Care Optical Dispensary

Here at Carabin Eye Care we provide full-service eye care to all of our patients. With an optical dispensary on-site, New Milford Optical specializes in filling the doctor’s prescriptions to meet every patient’s visual needs. We offer a full range of frames for every budget without sacrificing quality. Our patients and their convenience come first! At Carabin Eyecare your clarity is us caring. Cal...
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