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Contact Lenses Fitting and Evaluation

Contact-LensesContact lenses are also an excellent way to correct your vision. Today there are contact lenses to fit most prescriptions. The most important part of contact lens wear is to find the lens that both fits properly and provides the optimal vision. We will fit new contact lens wearers and provide instruction on insertion, removal and proper contact lens care. We will also reevaluate current contact lens wearers to determine if the lenses they are wearing are the proper fit and best for their visual needs.

Contact lens come in either soft or gas permeable material. Most contact lens wearers today are wearing soft planned replacement contact lenses. These come in the following types:

  • Daily disposable contact lenses which are worn for one day and then discarded.
  • Weekly or monthly contact lenses which are removed daily stored in solution over night and discarded after two to four weeks of wear.
  • Lenses are also available that can be worn continuously for thirty days.

Contact lenses are also available to correct astigmatism in most cases and newer more breathable materials are available for patients with dry eyes.