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Eye Exam

Eye Exam

A comprehensive eye examination is an important part of your annual health checkup. An annual eye examination is very important if any of the following conditions exists:

  • Visual disorders
  • History or family history of eye problems
  • Glaucoma
  • Diabetes
  • Over age of forty
  • Children ages three to five years old should have a routine eye examination or earlier if eye problems are noted.
  • Contact lens wearers

A comprehensive eye examination consists of:

  • Refraction or measurement of the visual status of your eyes to determine if corrective lenses are needed for distance or near vision.
  • External examination of the eyes, pupil evaluation and eye muscle evaluation.
  • Slit lamp examination to evaluate for cataracts and other ocular disorders.
  • Glaucoma testing
  • Dilated pupil examination to evaluate the optic nerve, retina, macula and blood vessels.
  • Other tests such as gonioscopy (evaluation of interior angle of the eye for glaucoma) and pachymetry (measurement of corneal thickness) are performed if indicated.

The entire examination takes about forty five minutes and it is recommended that someone drive you home as the dilation may impair your vision. Sunglasses are recommended if it is bright outside.

What to bring for your comprehensive eye examination:

  • Eyeglasses, contact lenses and contact lens prescription (Brand name, type of lens, power and base curve).
  • A list of all your medications.
  • Previous eye history (old records from previous treating physician).
  • Insurance card

Please also check with your insurance carrier to see if you need a referral to be examined in our office.